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About our company 

Founded early 2013 – could see a gap in market to support unstructured data analytical product vendors. 

Solutions that were out there locked clients into costly long term arrangements before ROI could be understood.  MonitaBox structured to be customer driven with 1 month notice periods.

Engaged  Technologists specializing in medium to large scale (BIGDATA) Unstructured Data Analytics including Text Analysis International who provide leading NLP engines (e.g. Sentiment)

Focused on providing components to vendors requiring accelerated embedded solutions for Unstructured Data Analytics

Two Products under development:

o   MonitaBox Analytics – A  Cloud Based  Real Time Unstructured Data Analytics  with advanced filtering capability and optional advanced Text Analytics modules

o   MonitaBox Alerts  -  A Cloud Based,  Non-Invasive, configurable real time alerts with intelligent, dynamic  monitoring capability

·         Highly configurable / flexible configuration options

·         Provides Professional Services to assist in implementation or supports self service

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